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Good Ideas and Great Ideas by Greg Satell

The world is full of ideas, but very few good ones. As an old saying goes, “ideas are like assholes, everybody’s got one and they’re usually full of shit.” They are, however, important.


Two Footed Questions Fuse Arts and Science by Ellen Weber

Two-footed questions drive curiosity and they can  convert even ordinary minds, into expert problem solvers?


The Role of Relaxation in Consumer Behavior by ScienceDaily via Ralph Ohr

This phenomenon is demonstrated in six experiments involving two different methods of inducing relaxation, a large number of products of different types, and various methods of assessing monetary valuation.


Vision: How It’s Created Is As Important As What It Says by Jesse Lyn Stoner

If you want to create a vision that engages the hearts and spirits of everyone in your organization, remember what’s important is not only “what it says” but also how it’s created.


Little Innovations Matter! By John Steen

What’s better…. a lot of little innovations or one big innovation? If we had to choose, would it better to have an economy made up of a lot of firms trying to make small improvements to their business or do we want a game-changer like Apple or Google?


Management by Imagination by Roger Martin

The perception that good management is closely linked to good measurement runs deep. How often do you hear these old saws repeated: “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count”;


Strategic Innovation And The Quest For Breakthrough Ideas by Idris Mootee

Innovation is now a very hot topic at the C-Suites. I have speaking a lot on the subject the last 5 years. The funny part is I am talking about Strategic Innovation and many still talk about Technology Innovation as if it was the sole source of innovation.


A Talk On Fast Innovation, All In One Great Picture by Bob Sutton

A couple weeks ago, I did a talk on “fast innovation” at IDEO.  I gave the talk from a powerpoint deck, but at the same time, while the audience and I discussed the talk, there was a guy named Kevin Bain who does this thing called
“graphics scribing.”

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