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Innovation Illusions: It’s not the idea it’s the action – innovation only exists when value is created in the market by Drew  CM

Creativity. Invention. These are core elements in the process of innovation. They are not innovation itself. Mistakenly identifying them as innovation creates confusion and dissatisfaction


Are You Climbing Hills or Crossing Valleys? By Tim Kastelle

One of the key issues we face in managing organisations is the state of the environment surrounding us. Is it stable or turbulent? This has an impact on our innovation strategy. In stable environments, we can afford to concentrate just on getting better at what we’re doing. However, in turbulent environments, we need to undertake more exploratory innovation efforts.


Design Thinking And Growth: What’s The Connection? Why Do We Need Growth? By Idris Mootee

The Harvard Design Thinking Semina was a great one. High quality particiapants and great turn out with beatiful New York City spring weather. Lunch on the rooftop is way better than a banquet room or a faculty’s dining hall.


Are Little Bets a recipe for better innovation? By Jorge Barba

A few weeks ago I reviewed Peter Sims new book on experimental innovation, Little Bets. Since then I’ve received emails from friends asking me for concrete examples of businesses doing experimental innovation as well as why this is a better approach to innovation.


6 Popular Ideas That Fail by Greg Satell

“Nobody ever gets fired for buying IBM” was once a popular belief that seems quaint now.  It’s hard to imagine that people used to buy IBM products simply because they were so dominant.


Asking the Important Questions: A Guide to Design Thinking And a Better Way to Serve Customers :  by Melba Kurman

Design thinking should be a way of life for senior managers. Melba Kurman spoke to Sara Beckman, design and innovation expert at Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, about how to apply design thinking to the innovation process.


What kind of impression do you want to leave? By Teresa Van Lanen

I attended a Women’s Business conference recently where I had the opportunity to meet women from many areas of the business world. We gathered in a large conference room which was full of buzzing energy. As usual I began my habit of observing the group and of sensing other’s energies. I doubled my efforts as we were being asked to pair up for an exercise to search out who I would pair up with.


Reducing the risk by Roger Martin

In the wake of the spectacular 2008 financial markets crash, much has been made of the fact that no one has been held to account. Life has returned to near normal, and other than the failures of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, little has changed in reaction to the mortgage meltdown.


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