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The Innovation Matrix Reloaded by Tim Kastelle

This is a bit of a distillation of observations over time.  I thought of it because I think that a lot of people that are trying to improve innovation within an organisation think that they can go from the bottom left (No Innovation Capability) to the top right (World Class Innovator) in one jump, simply by introducing some sort of innovation program. 


Would You Skydive Without a Parachute? How to Delegate With Confidence. By Jesse Lyn Stoner

Roger had been working way too much and knew he needed to reprioritize and delegate. But he was nervous about letting go of control and was having difficulty identifying what he could delegate.


Value Networks and our Sense of the Beautiful by Verna Allee

In a wonderful Ted Talk Denis Dutton traces our sense of the beautiful back to the earliest prehistoric artifacts of hand axes. Hand shell necklaces, body paint, and hand-crafted objects preceded even language. Dutton reminds us that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is deep within us as an innate gift. Our powerful reaction to images, to emotion in art, to the night sky will be with us as long as the human race exists.


The Simple Dilemma by Greg Satell

“Keep it simple, stupid” is often repeated and invariably good advice. Nevertheless, it’s easier said than done.  The truth is that simplicity is anything but simple


Claiming Our Circle of Selves. The Shadows… by Marion Chapsal

Are you ready to embark on your heroine’s journey?
Before we embark together, let me give you a gentle reminder. One of the myths around coaching and personal development, is that it will enable you to discover your “true self”, your “authentic voice” and clearly reveal “your unique path”.


GenY: The Challenge of “Doing It All” and Technology Overload by Katrina Kibben

This is not your father’s workplace anymore – literally. This year, the oldest Baby Boomers are turning 65 years old, including President Bill Clinton.   This means that the 79 million baby boomers, about 26 percent of this country’s population will be retiring in the next few years.


People Skills Mistakes Won’t Define You If … by Kate Nasser

Interacting with others can be carefree or treacherous depending on the situation. Using your best people-skills steers you through the tough moments. But what if you make a mistake?


Lessons from a crowdsourcing experiment by Jorge Barba

One of the great things about social media is that it gives organizations the capability (if they choose to) and advantage of co-creating new products and services with their customers.


Father as leader by John Maeda

I have regular open office hours for students, staff, and faculty — a practice that is often suggested for college presidents and for other leaders — the so-called “open door” philosophy. You learn all kinds of things about your organization when you do so.


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