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It’s time to learn

In the coming days 28 to 30 October I hope to participate in Porto Sustainability Jam. Global Sustainability Jam * is a worldwide event, nonprofit that will take into account sustainability.

This is a nice term but has brought me some doubts about its meaning or in other words:

What we want to say when we talk about sustainability?

In recent years this word was used and abused by politicians and then transferred to the business in a curious way. It seemed that politicians write the laws where sustainability was a concern and after that companies justified their actions for reducing the tax evoking the “sustainability”.

Curious, but not surprising, because it’s a dance we have seen with some frequency.

Of course that the GSJAM doesn’t follow this trail and therefore it seems helpful to think of “true sustainability”.

Sustainability is a necessity! Sustainability is an issue that needs a solution or a set of articulated solutions.

Sustainability means that we need to become much more efficient (perhaps effective = results) in the way we use resources.

But what makes a practice or a sustainable approach?

How can we decide what are the real needs or real problems to solve?

To solve problems we have to be creative or is there a manual for solving them.

We can say that to be efficient means doing things according to the procedures, which results in the absence of failures, and be creative also means having the freedom to fail. This seems a contradiction, but it is not!

Scott Berkun says that “Polarizing efficiency and creativity as mutually exclusive is shallow thinking.

Creative efficiency. If efficiency is the goal, there are all kinds of innovations one could research for making a company or team more efficient.

Efficient creativity. If creativity and innovation is the goal, there are ways to speed how long it takes for ideas to get funding, and for staging their development from idea, to incubation, to production, without clipping wings.”

Creativity seems to me essential to both imagine and how to wait (building) a better world.

Creativity is dynamic and evolutionary as new problems arise or new needs emerge. But it is also practical in the sense that makes us move from thought to action or from a dream to decision.

Sustainability is our need to consider what it is worth taking care over time, why and for what! It is a necessity of our ecosystem and neighboring systems. It is global.

Sustainability makes us remember our sons and recall the efforts of some parents but above all it remind us the value of being responsible.

Sustainability helps us find meaning in our dealings with people, with the spaces, with things and, I think, helps us to be happy.

I think until 28 October I will find out more about this wonderful alliance between creativity and sustainability.

And you?