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Think big, start small?

I think innovation is capable of producing significant benefits that help to leverage a business.

Innovation can enable new opportunities in booming markets, increase margins through new ways of doing business and improve operational efficiency through a more efficient and effective use of existing resources.

Each organization is a collection of unique features and capabilities that provide the foundation of its strategy and the main source of their returns.

But innovation is not just to create new products and services. It is also about the development of creative processes and new ways of thinking.

Innovation is thinking about people, about things and about the relations between them, and to solve problems in new ways. Is to build a better world!

There is a good challenge, which I recommend for anyone thinking about innovation and on the best way of addressing in organizations, proposed by Paul Hobcraft and Jeffrey Philips (see here) that got me thinking about the use of the resources of the organizations, among other things, when they want to embrace innovation.

The effective use of potential resources in innovation is not only by the inventory of available resources but also for the assessment of these resources.

The development of new features and greater productivity of technology can be the answer that organizations need to obtain and thus a proper assessment of their physical and human resources can change the value of the existing potential within the organization.

This means that it can be important not just to say what their availabilities are but also assess the potential of them.

The evaluation of internal resources allows a balanced demand for external resources without waste of financial resources and to recognize the medium-term may be important in developing an innovation strategy.

“Technology or expertise that goes beyond what the market is willing to pay for is no longer a competitive advantage.” Christensen

What resources (people, technological resources, time and information) are available to support innovation efforts?

It is curious to note that both excess and shortage of resources available can inhibit innovation. This is because in organizations where there are resources in abundance exists a conservative culture where creativity is taboo and in companies with limited resources cost compression inhibits innovative perspectives.

However, assessing, not just stating their availability enables organizations with scarce financial resources to increase their chances of developing innovative products and services.

Evaluation of resources in an organization may allow, feeding always the sort of approach to develop in innovation, continuously redrawing and their adaptation to the demands of the markets.

In environments characterized by life cycles, technology cycles or economic cycles the “innovation capacity” that is, resource capacity to implement innovations in processes, technologies or components quickly and efficiently, but without great expense, depends on the knowledge gained in the evaluation of resources.

“Two types of indexes are necessary for the evaluation of innovation capacity. The first type determines which components support or inhibit the adaptations. The second type assesses the ability of innovation of the whole system. ” World Academy of Science,

This text is part of a wider exercise and has privileged the physical resources. In a forthcoming approach it will be the human resources and the assessment of their potential for the development of innovation in organizations.

I appreciate comments and suggestions for development. Thank you!