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Some very good readings I must share!


When The Future is Open and Global… – by Stefan Lindegaard – 15inno

I have decided to look further on the ideas of Hamel and his colleagues through an open innovation perspective and combine this with my belief that the future of innovation – and perhaps business in general – will be open and global.


Are You Killing Innovation in Your Company (Without Even Knowing It)? by Holly G. Green – Blogging Innovation

I agree that we need to train our leaders better on how to manage innovation. And we could certainly allocate more money and resources in that direction. But it can start with an even simpler approach of identifying and eliminating all the different ways we unintentionally shut down good ideas with the way we talk. Of course, this does require we become aware of our own thinking process and reasons for our auto responses first.


Mapping Customer Experience Excellence

10 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping – by Arne van Oosterom – Blogging Innovation

A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the story attached. I don’t want to own a coffee maker – I need to wake up early with a little help from a cup of coffee. I don’t want to use a train – I want to get home to my wife and children. I don’t want to go to a store and buy a stereo set – I just want to listen to my favorite rock music when I’m home, it makes me unwind after work.


Reverse Innovation: How Designing for Emerging Economies Brings Benefits Back Homeby Andrea Meyer – Working Knowledge

Story: GE Healthcare sells sophisticated medical imaging devices around the world. Historically, they have sold these high-end machines in emerging economies like India. But only 10% of Indian hospitals can afford a $10,000 ECG machine. Reaching the other 90% of the market takes more than simply cutting a few costs. It requires radical innovation and an in-depth understanding of local conditions.

Two Thinking Tips for Leaders – by Paul Sloane – BQF Innovation

If you run a company then you are probably burdened with a plethora of troubles.  You have all sorts of headaches, problems and surprises to sort out every day.  It is hard to stand back and focus on the big strategic issues – but that is exactly what you have to do.  Here are a couple of thinking exercises to help you approach the challenge afresh


Connecting Ideas is the Fundamental Creative Act in Innovation – by Tim Kastelle – Innovation Leadership Network

In this week’s class we talked about Jeff Bezos’ TED talk. When I think about innovation, to me the central part of the process is connecting ideas. As I keep emphasising, once we’ve done this, we then have to work like crazy to execute them well, and to get them to spread. But we need to start with great ideas, and we get these by making novel connections. I like this talk because there are several great examples of the importance of connecting in innovation.


Project Management for Innovation Professionals… by Paul Williams – Think For A Change, LLC Blog

If you’ve followed along here for any real duration, you’ll know that I sit at the intersection of innovation management and project management….literally.  I earn my living as both a Project Manager and as an Innovation Manager.  You’ll also know that my preferred (and recommended) method for converting ideas into reality that also meets a need (my definition of innovation) is the discipline and process found in the generally accepted practices of project management.

The New Normal – By Dwayne Spradlin – PERSPECTIVES ON INNOVATION

As 21st century leaders you may well be faced with challenges that have never been witnessed before. As open innovation continues to evolve within and outside the organization, it will have profound effects on your organizations, society, and all of us as individuals. Oh brave new world. Embrace it!

Enjoy it!

Just read and enjoy it!


Begin with…


Thinking the Unthinkable

The New Leadership Imperative

Here we have one of the largest, most successful, most respected companies in the world. And now it faces a crisis that is not just destroying its hard-earned reputation, but could well put it out of business.

by Holly G. Green – Blogging Innovation



5 Brainpowered Freefall Stoppers

A panel of experts on NPR just warned us again that US organizations free fall daily, while developing countries advance emerging takeovers.

with Dr. Ellen Weber – brainleadersandlearners



Freewriting – a method for unblocking creativity

Freewriting is a personal creativity technique that is particularly useful when you have hit a mental roadblock.  You simply write the challenge or topic at the top of a large piece of paper and then start writing.  You can write anything related to the topic.  Here are the rules of freewriting as given by Natalie Goldberg: 

By Paul Sloane  -bqf


Innovation and the Future

It would seem logical that innovators would be concerned about the future, given that spotting new opportunities or markets before your competitors would provide an innovation advantage. 

Jeffrey Phillips – innovateonpurpose


Learning to be genuine

We generally have a disconnect between the person, business, or agency that we want to be and the reality of who or what we are today.  This disconnect is a great thing, an opportunity for growth an opportunity for improvement.  However, when not understood, it is also a major pain point, something that leads your customers, your citizens, to lack faith in your words and actions.

by John Moore customerthink



Business Model Innovation for News

We’ve talked quite a bit about the situation in which the news industry currently finds itself. It is interesting because it is an industry in the middle of massive disruption, which makes it a great case study. Consequently, lots of other people are talking about it as well.

by Tim Kastelle Innovation Leadership Network


Open Innovation Perspectives from Small Company CEO


Finn Houengaard is CEO of Kavli, a 100 person strong company that provides wholesaling distribution of food products. He wants Kavli to become more innovative and in a company with scarcer resources than the big multinationals, it is obvious to look into how they can tap into other sources.

 By Stefan Lindegaard


And …


Is Crowdsourcing Disrupting the Design Industry?

The past couple years have seen an increase in the use of crowdsourcing by companies to procure design assets. It works like this:

By Hutch Carpenter – bhc3


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You can choose because you are free!

So do I! Last week I Choose:


Video Interview – Eric Liu – “Imagination First” by Braden Kelley

I had the opportunity to interview Eric Liu, author of the new book “Imagination First” at a book event last night. I’d like to share a video interview I did with Eric before the event: see at

Open Innovation Happens Behind the Scenes by Stefan Lindegaard

John Hagel and John Seely Brown wrote a great post recently named Open Innovation’s Next Challenge: Itself.

What would you do with a Radical Idea? Reject it of course. By Paul Sloane

Einstein said that all great original ideas at first appear absurd. This is why it is so easy to dismiss radical suggestions when they surface.

Preparing for the Unknown by Andrea Meyer

Point: You may not be able to predict the future, but you can prepare for it by tracking early trends and staying open to disruptions.

Weaving innovation into the corporate structure by Jeffrey Phillips

I’ll get up and bang on my innovation drum all day, hoping that people will listen to the message.

Traits of Leadership by Steve Nguyen

Research regarding traits related to leadership effectiveness has found about half a dozen (Yukl, 2010):

The 10 Top Reasons Why The 10 Top Reasons Don’t Really Matter by Mitch Ditkoff

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” (Groucho)

Circle Gatekeepers to Launch Innovations with Dr. Ellen Weber

For years I sought pathways past gate-keepers in order to introduce and develop shared innovations.

Crowdsourcing Is the New Collaboration  by Hutch Carpenter

The value of accessing a collaborative network outside the company walls is nicely articulated in the quote above. Well, why not recast that concept?

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A very good collection of texts, to make you a great thinker!

Those links below represents wisdom and intuition!

Visit and tell me I am right!

1 – In which business functions do you have the most open innovation activity in your company? – Stefan Lindegard  –15inno

2 – Want to revitalize your next meeting to trump innovation brainpower? – by eweber – Brain Leaders and Learners

3 But with Apple, and Steve Jobs, that’s not really the point now, is it? – Radical Innovation of Meaning – Apple iPad  – by Hutch Carpenter – Blogging Innovtaion

4 – Currently interest for postgraduate education is very high but funding is being slashed. – Paul Sloane – BQF Innovation

5 – So how do you start using the OODA loop to craft strategy? – Jorge Barba – Game –Changer  

6 – Specifically her perception on design activism and humanitarian design – Manal Khan – Perspectives of Innovation – Innocentive

7 – Serendipity and connecting the unexpected dots are very important still in addition to the targeted proactive searches for new opportunities.” – Michael Fruhling – Innovation Tools

8 – How to Create a Winning Business Model – by lmorris – INNOVATIONLABS

9 – Innovation from the Inside Out – Mitch Ditkoff – The Heart of Innovation


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