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Sorry, Marketing’s 4P framework is not dead.. by Wim Rampen

Why Do B-Schools Still Teach The Famed 4P’s Of Marketing, When Three Are Dead?That was the question raised by Jens Martin Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen and it received some good traction. Skibsted and Hansen argue that the only P of the four alive is Product.

4 Roles for Your Innovation Team by Tim Kastelle

Here’s a persistent innovation management question: is it better to have a dedicated team responsible for innovation, or should this responsibility be distributed throughout your entire organisation? The best answer depends on your circumstances. But if you set up a dedicated team, it’s important to consider what role you want them to play. There are four different roles that a dedicated innovation team can fill.

Reward insight or reward ideas? Both and… by Jorge Barba

This is a tricky question.

First of all, insights are different from ideas. Insights are more important than ideas. Breakthrough businesses are build on insights, not ideas. Ideas come after the insight. Yet in innovation circles we constantly hear that we should reward people for coming up with ideas. What about rewarding people for insights?

The Ultimate Code by Greg Satell

Digeratti are an unusual bunch.  Branded with distinctive facial hair configurations and fueled by caffeine, they run around coding, pitching, inventing and envisioning a bold new future.


There was a great discussion, and at times, debate, on #TChat last week, all about Generation Z and the workplace.  It feels like we just learned about Gen Y and how to engage them in the workplace, and it’s already time to prepare for Gen Z!

What Do Workplace Pit Bulls Do to Accountability? By Kate Nasser

Leaders, do you appoint someone the workplace pit bull believing it will make everyone more responsible and accountable? Let’s considerwhat workplace pit bulls do to accountability.

Two Collaborative Care Case Studies by Arie Goldshlager

The Collaborative Chronic Care Network (C3N) is certainly a very inspiring case of Collaborative Care Networks:

“Americans receive only 50% of recommended care and typically perform only about half of the “self-management” procedures and behaviors necessary to keep them healthy.

Explained: Why We Don’t Like Change by Heidi Grant Halvorson via Ralp-Ohr

Thinking about trying to shake things up at work? Brimming with new ideas and strategies? Hoping to get your organization to try a new way of doing things, or maybe just get your family to alter their holiday traditions a bit? Good for you.

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