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Don’t Push Rocks, Roll Snowballs by Tim Kastelle

Innovation is the process of idea management. One of the critical steps to successful innovation is getting your idea to spread. Hugh MacLeod’s outstanding new book Evil Plans has a lot about how to get your ideas to spread more effectively. One of his tenets is that we should create random acts of traction.


How to Approach Open Innovation: The 15inno Open Innovation Roadmap by Stefan Lindegaard

As we can define open innovation in many ways, there are also many different approaches to open innovation.

How do you get started? OVO Innovation has developed a topology that builds on two defining attributes. It is a good inspirational starter.


No Vision = No Innovation by Jeffrey Phillips

My son shocked my wife last night by announcing that he didn’t think the space program had anything to offer mankind.  He had been assigned a paper in his middle school English class in which he needed to make a provocative point and sustain his argument with facts.


Bridging the innovation planning gap by Michael Fruhling

In a 2010 McKinsey survey of over 2,000 corporate executives, 84% said that innovation was very or extremely important to their company’s future growth. However, 40% claimed that they select their new ideas on an ad hoc basis. Further, 57% agreed that while they execute well against the few new ideas that they had… they needed more big ideas.


Spanish Princess or Female Conquistador? By Marion Chapsal

Ana Patricia Botin is the woman leader number 8 in my series of Women and 12 Leadership Styles. She represents The Moderator/ Persuader dilemna, with a strong preference for The Moderator, although…I’m not so sure anymore!


Why you shouldn’t ignore your customers by Jorge Barba

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A very good collection of texts, to make you a great thinker!

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1 – In which business functions do you have the most open innovation activity in your company? – Stefan Lindegard  –15inno

2 – Want to revitalize your next meeting to trump innovation brainpower? – by eweber – Brain Leaders and Learners

3 But with Apple, and Steve Jobs, that’s not really the point now, is it? – Radical Innovation of Meaning – Apple iPad  – by Hutch Carpenter – Blogging Innovtaion

4 – Currently interest for postgraduate education is very high but funding is being slashed. – Paul Sloane – BQF Innovation

5 – So how do you start using the OODA loop to craft strategy? – Jorge Barba – Game –Changer  

6 – Specifically her perception on design activism and humanitarian design – Manal Khan – Perspectives of Innovation – Innocentive

7 – Serendipity and connecting the unexpected dots are very important still in addition to the targeted proactive searches for new opportunities.” – Michael Fruhling – Innovation Tools

8 – How to Create a Winning Business Model – by lmorris – INNOVATIONLABS

9 – Innovation from the Inside Out – Mitch Ditkoff – The Heart of Innovation


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