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Can consumers discover what they want in products and services by designing them? By Arie Goldshlager

“It is in design that people find what they want. Furthermore, consumer involvement in product/service design almost always gets creative results.


How to Pay People by Dan Ariely

Most of the time, when you hire people you don’t want to specify exactly what they are to do and how much they would get paid—you don’t want to say if you do X you will get this much, and if you do Y you will get that much.


What is Intelligence? By Greg Satell

We know intelligence when we see it.  Witty repartee at a cocktail party. Outstanding results on standardized tests.  Winning the big prize on a quiz show.


The T-Model and Strategies for Hiring IA Practitioners: Part 1 by Nathaniel Davis

In 2004, UX design professional Peter Boersma suggested that information architecture was one of the many disciplines that come together to shape the multidisciplinary practice of user experience design for the Web.

Making the Most of Analogies by Peter Lloyd via Ralph-Ohr

It has happened to me. I know it has happened to you. You’re making a point in a political, philosophical, or personal argument. A brilliant analogy pops into your head and you use it, confident you will make your point.

Clay Shirky Says Good Collaboration is Structured Fighting by

Joe Brockmeier

Companies and projects focusing on large-scale collaboration might want to start thinking about collaboration in a new way. Clay Shirky, author of  Here Comes Everybody closed out the second day ofLinuxCon North America 2011 with a contrarian look at collaboration. While many treat collaboration as a “love fest” or harmonious interaction, Shirky put forward the idea that productive methods of fighting are the most successful, particularly in open source.

3 Fascinating Facts About Our Brilliant Brains by Margarita Tarrakovsky

Our brains do a lot of work behind the scenes to help us function and thrive. But we largely know this already.

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