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Service Design meets (Social) CRM by Wim Rampen

This is part 2 in a short series on Service Design. I would recommend reading part 1 before reading this.

Recap: What is Service?

As I tried to explain a couple of days ago, I think Service Design is about designing for Service, not serviceS. Where I defined Services as:


Natural Innovation by John Steen 

A couple of weeks before Christmas I noticed something odd in the garden of my house in Brisbane. While I often see ants around the home, there were now large clusters of ants moving upstairs and taking their eggs with them. The folklore is that when this happens it means that we are in for a really wet spell of weather and I am on the record with Tim as making a prediction based on this.


Use constraints to fuel your creativity by Jorge Barba

Quickly think of as many white things as you can in ten seconds.  Now think of white things in your kitchen.  Did the more constrained prompt spark more ideas? Yes.


Lens Shifting: Leading Indicators for Innovation by Deb Mills-Scofield

Recently, my friend Jackie Hutter and I did a workshop on Leading Indicators for Innovation from 2 aspects: 1) how can you look around you for leading indicators of areas ripe for innovation; and 2) what are leading indicators in your innovation process itself. 


The art of innovation by Kate Oakley, Brooke Sperry and Andy Pratt via Ralph-Ohr (PDF)


How Children Perceive “Vintage” Technology – Design mind via Wim Rampen

Design is all about context. When that contextual information is removed, products can be very confusing. As designers we often see this when people are introduced to a new technology that is manifested in a design that breaks so strongly with tradition that they don’t know how to use it. We often try to build in affordances that allow them to relate their current technology to their new technology. Think of how the play button from your Walkman went straight to you Discman, then to your iPod, and as a digtal button on interfaces.


Communities of Passion…and com-passion? Raymond Campbell

The main challenges we faced was doing what seemed to be an impossible task for the group leading the effort and seeking the assistance of others to come alongside us…catch the same fire and enthusiasm to make this happen in such a short period of time.


The open innovation model – Ideas from Henry Chesbrough Ideas economy


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