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Forget the Geisha, Bring in the Samourai…by Marion Chapsal

Once upon a time, there used to be a little Japanese girl, named Yoshiko. She had lost her father at the age of 8. She was raised like most little Japanese girls of her generation, in the 50s, to be a perfect mistress of the tea ceremony


Innovation Trick: Turn Something Old into Something New by

Erik Sherman via Ralph-Ohr

HP (HPQ) partnered with a semiconductor manufacturer to create a new line of high-performance servers for use in supercomputing. So, who’s the lucky chip vendor? Intel (INTC)? Nope. AMD? Not even close.


How to Evaluate Your Current Company Culture by Heather R. Huhman

Many job seekers are now evaluating prospective employers based on company culture. Candidates want to determine how they will fit in and if the environment is right for them before they’re hired.


Seize the Day – Power Up Creativity by Robyn McMaster

C Carpe Diem – Seize inspiration and
R Run with ideas to see where they can take you
E Explore and play, never stopping…
A Angle your line for hours as a person who fishes
T Talk with creatives and people outside your field till your brain’s abuz-z-z-z-z
I Initiate from within – unleashing your potential
V Vacuum cobwebs – relax and  refresh your spirit
I Idle the motor – simply daydream when you feel like it…
T Touch your soul – Thank God and be grateful
Y Yes, yes, yes. Curiosity and discovery can increase a natural drug


What Do You Think? By Greg Satell

If you were to share a strong opinion what would it be?  Not just any opinion, but one you believe in your bones, one that defines you.  Surely, it wouldn’t be hard to find someone with the opposite view.


Discovering Gold through Innovation by Tim Kastelle

One of the weird trends in spam comments now is that through services like mechanical turk people are getting paid to make marginally relevant comments that link back to some spammy site. This makes getting rid of spam a lot harder. However, while I was running through a recent batch, I ran across a comment that got me thinking (I still trashed it though). It was: “I agree. Ideas really are like commodities now.”


What Makes CEO’s Good for Innovation? By Stefan Lindegaard

I pondered on this question and decided to reach out to some of my friends at Psion, a leader on rugged mobile computing solutions.


Most People Are Daydreaming 46% Of The Time by Aimee Groth

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, your teacher probably harped on you about “mindfulness,” or being present — because it puts you in a better mood. 


Searching for Q’s: ASQ and the Future of Quality by Bruce Waltuck

The American Society for Quality (Now officially just “ASQ”) has a long and rich history of advocacy and teaching in the field of quality improvement. The origins of the quality movement are reflected in the Society’s original name- ASQC, or the American Society for Quality Control.


Just Do It! By Gary Schirr

Since I had been involved in new service development as well as in several startups before becoming an academic I was skeptical of formal product development models such as stage gate.


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