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Be More Innovative Today – Make Fresh Insightful Connections by Tim Kastelle

Fresh insightful connections.”

That’s how Rishad Tobaccowala defines innovation in a terrific post today called Becoming Innovative.

I think this is a great way to think about innovation. I’ve already said that connecting ideas is the fundamental creative act in innovation, so it was great to see Rishad say this:

Moleskine + Evernote: Idea capture heaven by Jorge Barba

Do you know how we get ideas when we’re not thinking about problems? I don’t know about you but I’ve never gotten good ideas in the middle of a brainstorm, I’ve gotten them after the brainstorm when I’m not even thinking about problems.

How a Botanist helped in the design of your computer and TV by Paul Sloane

Liquid crystals represent a state of matter which exists between solid and liquid states. They were first discovered in 1888 by Austrian botanist Friedrich Reinitzer who was studying cholesterol at the Charles University in Prague.

Observing – the Mother of All Discovery Skills by Yann Cramer Blogging Innovation

Observing is a critical skill for people willing to increase their innovation capability. It is critical because observing customers will reveal behavior patterns that they have unknowingly developed to compensate for some inconvenience that could be removed or for some unmet need to could be addressed more fully

How Leaders Can “Walk The Talk” for Innovation…    by Paul Williams

I list leadership engagement in the first spot on that list for a reason.  It is certainly the most important factor for innovation success within an organization.  Without true engagement by at least one executive leader (preferably all), innovation will never gain the traction it needs to be considered as a true business discipline, gain the resources it needs to succeed or develop the process depth required to make it effective, efficient and repeatable.


A Consultant’s Approach to Open Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

What does a consultant focus on when having a first talk with a potential client looking for help on open innovation issues?

Let me share my thoughts on this. Perhaps other consultants – or someone from the client side – will share more insights on this.

Brand-Driven Innovation by Erik Roscam Abbing and Christa van Gessel –  via Arie Goldshlager

As the nature of innovation shifts from the application of new technology to the delivery of meaning and value, brand and design become critical resources, as well as partners, in the development of market-leading products and services. Erik Roscam Abbing and Christa van Gessel provide an overview and case studies of this process as it moves from “brand usability” to “innovation strategy” to “design strategy” to “touch-point orchestration.”


Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – via Ralph-Christian  Ohr – Talks TED