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Meilleures pratiques en matière de collaboration université-industrie – Partie 2 pour Albert Meige

Les collaborations recherche-industrie peuvent être houleuses. C’est le cas en France, comme dans d’autres pays. Dans la première partie de cet article, je donnais un résumé de meilleures pratiques en matière de collaboration recherche-industrie.

7 Intellectual Property Resources Every Freelancer Should Know About by Doug Heacock

Intellectual property (IP) law is a big, nasty, confusing world–one long-time blogger on copyright law and issues recently shut down his blog, partly because “the current state of copyright law is too depressing.”


Success and the Power of Research by Dr. Tirri Henry

Almost two decades ago, Finland entered a horrible period of economic stress. Starting in 1990, despite a decade of investment in which the Finnish government made a concerted effort to refocus the nation towards high technology and modern industries, a global economic downturn caused Finland to enter a deep recession. From 1990 to 1993, GDP fell more than 10 percent, 400,000 jobs were lost, and unemployment rose from 3.5 percent to 20 percent.


Why Workshops Fail and How they Win with Dr. Ellen Weber

People constantly complain that workshops waste time, and yet rarely work to spark lasting change or ignite innovative improvements. Have you found that to be true? If so, you’re likely looking at the kind of workshop format created long before the neuro-discoveries that call traditional meeting approaches into question.


Intellectual Property Resources for Innovators by Andreas Constantinides

Intellectual Property (IP) is an issue of utmost importance to inventors and innovators that is often overlooked.  In this post, we describe what IP is and provide URLs with information about different IP topics of interest to people in the (open) innovation community.


Thinking about “Design Thinking” by Fred Collopy

Design Thinking sits squarely in a Cartesian world of divided minds and bodies in spite of the fact that recent advances in evolutionary theory and cognitive science point to the inseparability of what is called the “hand-brain complex.”

The Biggest Obstacle to Innovation by Tim Kastelle

There are many candidates for the biggest obstacle to innovation. You could try lack of management support, no employee initiative, not enough good ideas, too many good ideas but no follow-through just for starters. My nominee for The Biggest Obstacle to Innovation is:


Technology First, Needs Last by Don Norman

“Necessity is often not the mother of invention. In many cases, it surely has been just the opposite. When humans possess a tool, they excel at finding new uses for it. The tool often exists before the problem to be solved.” Nye, D. E. (2006).


Strategy: Another Guiding Principle on Open Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

100% Open is a new agency specialising in open innovation. They have an interesting Jam & Discover approach to open innovation and they also run networks and extend into training and venturing.

L Vaughn Spencer by Stephen Shapiro

I have been ridiculously busy with the manuscript for the new book.  As a result, my blogging has slowed down.  So, for today’s entry, I want to share with you an interview between a good friend of mine and The Economist.  I’m sure you will agree that L-Vo, as he likes to be called, is brilliant.

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