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To adopt models instead of creating

To have a high quality of life does not necessarily mean being a consumer skillfully manipulated by suppliers of products and services that surround us.

We need to create a mental climate that transforms the concern for material wealth in real welfare concern.

When we speak about a mindset we are talking about a combination of attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that anyone carries with and determine their choices.

Depending on the result of this combination I may want a life full of objects that feed my freedom to choose and devote my time for multitasking among the many options available to me.

In this case, I have freedom of choice, because I can buy, after choosing between the various options that are shown, and according to the time that I have available to do that!

But if that combination leads me to do more things, like for example, try to produce, in my garden, fruits with not usual colors or participate in the implementation of a service of assistance to the elderly, I’ll find constraints and only the creation of alternatives can satisfy my needs and wants.

So that our lives will be more effective and creative and of adaptation to the demands of today’s changes, our mindset has to be in the right place and that place is in front of the exploration, discovery, and creativity.

creative skills

We have to do more than just look at the problems that are shown in the media and with an active critical thinking we should find a sustained way of thinking and perceiving the world and the challenges that the world puts us, valuing them and looking for the constant improvement of the situations.

If we stay firm our willingness, as creative people that we are, to embrace new ideas and to walk towards new experiences going looking for interest with meaning, our mind-set will be innovative and creative.

“Creative people differ from one another in a variety of ways, but in one respect they are unanimous: They all love what they do. It is not the desire to achieve fame or make money that drives them: it is the opportunity to do the work that they enjoy doing. They love their work more than they love what it produces” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Although some of us are still a creative potential, possibly looking for the best seeds and imagining the ideal place for the sow, others have already a passion seeing flourish their ideas and being present at the creation of truly desirable fruits, but everyone started believing in small challenges as is to launch a seed.

It is the time to experience in organizations!

It is true! Little by little, in our daily life, we can build, through the experimentation of little new things, a passion for wanting to do better and with purpose.

Even so, the supply of products and services, to which we are subject is so overwhelming that many of the things with which we are faced, quickly cease to have meaning, even as experience.

“The kinds of visions that lead to business models worth exploring don’t start with value propositions or customer segments. They start with imagining an important pair of experiences.” – Peter Friedman

The good and the bad ideas, the good and the bad experiences may be useful to imagine a laughing future for many companies, but often the imagination is suddenly blocked by fears or by ignorance.

This lack of knowledge and this fear favor the adoption of business models “ready to eat”, and divert all the creativity and inspiration for the filling of these maps.

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