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Beyond the Social Network: Tips for Engaging Professional Relationships to Last a Lifetime by Gary Polsky

It used to be that you met someone at a meeting or a mixer, had a real conversation with them, perhaps saw them again at a luncheon, exchanged an email or phone conversation, and eventually, developed those initial interactions into a long-term business relationship.

Innovation and Social Leadership by Riitta Raesmaa

My brain is bubbling after the TEDxHelsinki event – a creatively built lineup of innovative speakers. The themes were exactly those I’ve been working on lately: Entrepreneurship, innovation, age & generations, and leadership. So here are random thoughts I’d like to share.

Lee Chipman: I Can Do Anything by Whitney Johnson

Lee Chipman is a busy mother of five girls. When she’s not baking, cleaning or helping with homework, she enjoys decorating her home.


Get Your Process Right to Innovate Successfully by Tim Kastelle

Ideally, you’ll have both. But I suspect that if it’s either/or, process wins.

There is an interesting example from the world of chess in Michael Nielsen’s fantastic new book Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science. The book discusses how our improved ability to network via the internet is changing the face of science. It’s an interesting book, and also an important one and I recommend it highly.

Deconstructing the Design Thinker by Sohrab Vossoughi via Ralph-Ohr

The term ‘design thinking’ has lost some of its lustre of late, particularly in business publications. In my view, this is the natural result of throwing around a term with a bit too much enthusiasm and not enough understanding, and it is truly unfortunate, because the qualities it describes have never been more important.


The Future by Design by Greg Satell

The future has a nice ring to it.  It is fairly busting with promise.  We can let our dreams run wild, imagine that some of the bullshit we currently have to endure will subside and that cool new things will replace boring old ones.


Sketchnotes of Ezio Manzini at School of the Art Institute of Chicago by Craighton Berman

This past Monday evening, on an unseasonably warm night in Chicago, sustainability expert Ezio Manzini gave a thought-provoking lecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mr Manzini is a Professor of Industrial Design at Politecnico Milano, and is a renowned expert in the application of strategic design for sustainability.

Why We Cannot Perceive the World Objectively by Michael Michalko

People tend to think of perception as a passive process. We see, hear, smell, taste or feel stimuli that impinge upon our senses. We think that if we are at all objective, we record what is actually there.


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