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Looking for a balance

What we consider to be our views are in fact the result of years paying attention to information that confirms what we believe and ignoring the information that challenge our preconceived notions.

We are, some more than others, the fruits of an education and learning based on choices between Yes and No and because of that we tend to fall in some traps in decision making when there is risk and reward..

Our brain deceives us with what he guards. He feels attracted to long distances when they mean big rewards.

Who makes decisions in organizations must be aware of the importance of some psychological traps when is time to decide, especially when we evaluate new ideas or the opportunity to implement them.

We know that today, fear and pessimism are two strong allies, but we also know that excessive optimism leads to precipitation often extremely expensive.

Although we live in an age in which happiness is the most desired achievement, and nobody admire people who are afraid, it is not easy to keep an open mind to the possibility of the risk inherent in the adoption of new ideas.

While it is easy to ridicule anyone who points to the dangers ahead and sort them from pessimists, on the other hand, to imagine a future without obstacles or adversity is an excessive optimism and dangerous.

Is the balance between the fear of change and the courage to take the risk that develops the life of our good ideas, that is, our solutions.

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To achieve this balance, we must, however, give some attention to ourselves, challenging our assumptions, reframing our problems, imagining the opposite of what we find good and telling stories to convince other people and not just us.

People over the centuries developed a biological capacity of fear, because it helped them survive, but at the same time keeps them resistant to change and on alert to many dangers that might confront.

If on the one hand this ability to be alert is good, on the other hand, it prevents us often to give wider steps and promising.

In these times when embarking to a future that we hope will be promising, many of us underestimate the difficulties facing and overestimates the ability to respond to these difficulties.

“While being optimistic is generally believe to be a benefit for living a high quality and perhaps longer life, too much optimism can be a problem, especially in regards to financial matters..”- Rick Nauert Phd

It is important that all stakeholders in innovation within organizations are alert to the possibility that they might be subject to these deviations. They must rely on the risks and the obstacles they will face to lead a project.

Most of the time, the victories of optimism resulting in a speculative bubble and the victories of pessimism result in great losses of opportunity.

It is the balance between the various forces that is the path to success!

To be able to not confuse impulsivity with intuition is an inherent jurisdiction to the conquerors and to the winners.

Intuition is not more than a response as a result of experience and where the “why” of our decisions are not easy to explain.

Impulsiveness is an absolute necessity to get immediate answers and that needs to be managed with critical thinking.

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