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“Open Services Innovation” by Henry Chesbrough – by Paul Hobcraft

Chesbrough is back with a new book on open innovation, this time extending the open paradigm to services. Paul Hobcraft goes past the sub-title “Rethinking your business to grow and compete in a new era”, in search of the real news.


My thoughts on Innovation by Jorge Barba

What is innovation management to you?

Whether it’s satisfying customer’s existing needs in a new way or completely surprising them with something they’d never imagine they needed, to me innovation management is simply a systematic process of creating new products and services that deliver superior value to a market.


The Value of Perseverance by Steve Koss

With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” — Thomas Foxwell Buxton

To chart the course in the whitewaters of business and life we need a life vest. One such vest to keep you afloat in the high seas is ‘perseverance.’ There are too many people in this world doing things they hate. Two primary reasons for this is lack of passion and perseverance.


Qu’est-ce que l’Open data ? – Les grands principes by bluenove

Alors que la Ville de Paris a frappé un grand coup en annonçant qu’elle « ouvrirait » prochainement certaines de ses données, rejoignant ainsi le club encore restreint des villes précurseurs dans le domaine, je vous propose une série d’articles consacrés à l’ouverture des données, ou ‘Open Data’, et à ses enjeux.

Designing as sensemaking by Guido Stompff

Design thinking and sensemaking: two notions that recently receive more and more managerial and business attention. For most these two notions may seem to have little in common. But some years ago, based on a research I conducted, I came to believe that designing –and therefore also design thinking-  is about sensemaking, and sensemaking is about designing

Frog Design: Flying Blind in the Free Info Economy by Ben Mcallister

How can design principles help fix the mess around all this free data we give out everyday?

A few years ago, my friend Jeff was enjoying a celebratory dinner with his wife and parents at an Italian restaurant in Austin. The waiter stopped by to ask how everyone was enjoying their food.

My secret sauce for building online communities by Arne van Oosterom

A short while ago I gave a lecture at the Linköping University Sweden. I thought I should share it here… since this is the place I learned so much about it.

Still Sundays by Annie Q. Syed

If you would like to know what Still Sundays is about, please take a quick gander here and just read the third paragraph. Thanks.

How to Foster Innovation Through Diverse Workgroups by Eric Markowitz via Ralph-Ohr

Diverse teams in your organization can produce better results for your company. Here’s how to incorporate diversity—and individuality—to create a more innovative business.

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