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When we accept that good ideas are not only at home does not mean that any idea or set of ideas can be useful.

Imagine that the leader assumes the role of fisherman of ideas to continue its mission. In doing so he knows that it is necessary that both the vessel and accoutrements are in good working order and are appropriate for the fishing.

I.e. if my boat is suitable for the calm seas I won’t fish in the seas of storms.

So it’s important to know where the sea is fished:

When it launches the network in protected sea

Lindegaard said “Personally, I believe a thinker is the most important piece because it requires quite an overview to become successful with an open innovation program having in mind that you need to deal with internal as well as external stakeholders on issues that are increasingly important for companies.”

This is the role of the master of the ship that has to be aware of the difficulties both internal and external to achieve success. It is good to remember that the calm that exists within an undertaking is subject to waves from outside.

When it launches the network in unknown sea …

When it launches the unknown sea network as in the case of many companies we can face the unexpected:

Ford has officially stirred up a mess of snakes by inviting consumers to submit their ideas on how to improve the company’s vehicles to its website at TheFordStory.com. We’ve spent the better part of a day sifting through what the world has to say to Ford, and though we expected bucket loads of the web’s own brand of vitriol, so far the comments were largely constructive.”

It is a time (“so far”) in which things are fine but that clarifies the concerns or questions about the results. It is good to be alert!

When it launches the network in incubators…

Although incubators can migrate to situations of independence, there are many opportunities to open innovation in these seas.

Companies can be attentive to developments of these entrepreneurs and establish cooperation protocols.

While incubators used to be more general facilities, BusinessWeek says many of those that launched in the past few years are highly specialized. Often, their focus is on reviving a declining industry in the region where they are located, or on building off the expertise of those in that industry to innovate new products, services and concepts.”

When it launches the network in fertile sea

If the networks that are launched weren’t appropriate measure is very likely that the work of fishing bring good and less good fish.

The “fake” excess of ideas must be working and aligned with the company’s strategy. There is no room for cooling of fresh ideas. It is preferable to freeze them and use them later when appropriate.

Design is about communication, and the purity of a design can easily be compromised if there are too many ideas competing for attention.

Everyone has a different creative process, and there are many ways we all generate ideas. It’s the lifeblood of our profession, but it’s something you might want to be wary about.

Having too many ideas only becomes a problem if you are not able to process them clearly and without sentiment. Sometimes promising ideas have to be discarded because they do not meet the brief, sometimes you have to waste time on a bad idea to prove that it’s worthless.”

When it launches the network in known sea

Knowledge of ideas is fundamental so that they can be worked. Often we think we want to go to the sea and do not yet know the environment of the craft.

Companies tend to specialize, focusing people with specific expertise together, and that can create silos of information,”…”By opening up inside a company, you increase the flow of knowledge from one area to another. Medtronic began in cardiac pacemakers, but they are now developing devices that work in the brain. Lots of things learned in the cardiac division might be beneficial in the nervous system.”- Henry Chesbrough

When no launches of network … no production!


It was my intention not to identify a selection of ideas with something simple. Hope you left space for reflection.

I will appreciate your comments!

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