Passion has no age!

Do things we like it’s not an attitude that corresponds to a particular age group and creativity appears and reappears in all of us.

Create and develop ideas requires passion. It’s no secret that when we do something we love, the result is better and soon our satisfaction increases.

Someone said that “the future is today” and the future of older generations requires minor changes in the workplace or leisure that can change the behavior, encourage interaction, make people share more things and avoid people being isolated.

The wealth of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of work can not be forgotten and should be tailored to the needs of new generations.

The ability to use old knowledge and translate them into something new with value is inherent to the needs felt by the people and deserves a different way of thinking.

The elderly and those who are walking to be a special target for which our open-minded should drive and for this:

Empathy should be considered a sovereign attitude!

We need observe experiences to understand and develop adaptability.

It is necessary to transfer knowledge using new technologies as facilitators.

It is necessary to understand the culture as an essential frame the meaning of things. Culture is part of a social context.

We need to understand innovation as well as behavior change:

– That will lead to the participation of people targeted in the “prediction “of future (desired future)!

– That does from smile a day -to-day language!

– That will lead to participation in the prototyping of products and services they are intended.

We have seen major technological revolutions aimed at the working population, but the fringes of the elderly populations are growing and have not seen their needs met.

The elderly now represent the result of much research and innovation in the health and welfare and therefore, rests on the continuity of an innovation project. Revolutionize the revolution and create conditions of security and welfare for the elderly. Promote revitalization of older generations.

This “manifesto” clearly leads to reflection on the direction or inclusion in the directions of innovation, a layer of the population with the new requirements. Let us focus on them.

Our focus should be on the philosophy of simplicity, utility and entertainment.

We need to maintain emotional stability of the “new consumer”, who have an advanced age and therefore do not exhibit characteristics similar to motor and mental labor force.

The basis for this work must be innovate by adapting, while simplifying and clarifying the use.

This approach allows not only a significant cost reduction in products or services as it does not alter social behaviors that allow harmony in settlements.

This is also a socially responsible stance.

Technological innovation associated with innovation processes and procedures may apply to elderly populations and not working to reconcile the desirable with younger generations.


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