Passion, imagination and experimentation

About four years ago I needed to change of residence I left my hometown (Porto) and tried to rent the house where I live today.

All this would be the most normal thing in the life of any person, if I had changed from one type to another similar housing. But not! I changed a 9th floor for a villa with 600 m2 of exterior space and everything else is just a click away or have the cost of one or two toll higway.

And then began the future!

What should be a garden or a vegetable garden had been covered by a layer of gravel to facilitate parking cars for a selling stand. Although the housing be excellent outer space was appalling.

I looked to the future and accept the challenge!

I wanted to transform the space into a place where I could enjoy the shade and read a book, look at the flowers and listen to the birds, sow and reap the fruits and vegetables without consuming a few shelves of supermarkets.

Well! What is important in this story, it is not the “bricolage” activity, gardening or construction work more or less heavy. The important thing is what I felt, what I thought and what is possible when we have passion for what we do.

The desirable!

Naturally, we generally have a bag full of ideas, desires and dreams, but when a stimulus triggers the opening of the bag of opportunities, we started to see the future. In the case of that space that I wanted to build a garden and a small vegetable garden where I would enjoy some experiences and not just on any weekend.

I wanted to have lunch or dinner with family and friends outdoors whenever conditions allowed, and at the same time listen to the music of the water running, walking barefoot, reap the fruit of the trees, and pick plants condiments or vegetables for salads.

I wanted to read a book under an umbrella, or access the internet without concerns, as happens in a public garden.

I wanted to experiment with outdoor games, even the traditional and refresh me on the days of more heat.

Well, these are some of the wishes, but how to satisfy them?

The feasible!

When I looked to the ground covered with stones I saw a promise of work and many days of execution. When I looked at the sky I saw the trees there, felt the smell of flowers and listening to the water and the birds.

But I knew that, to transform the ground in heaven that I had to be realistic and promise myself only the possible. The impossible doesn’t exist, that is, whenever I heard or thought was impossible I was looking for a solution.

Not got a date of opening, but determined a runtime and according to the plan of implementation started the construction of the future.

Everything that I had thought was achievable.


The economically viable!

A joint venture of this magnitude, although household, requires an assessment of financial availability because there are always tools and materials to purchase or the possibility of recourse to external services. I noticed that the dream was economically viable and as there was no HR costs it was surprisingly low cost.

To facilitate understanding of this text see here or imagine yours!

The exercise of creativity!

The search for the satisfaction of the desire became an environment extremely favorable to creativity. The constraints were of various kinds, soil, water and electricity and the tools were not suited and to that I joined a possible budget to produce new ideas and achieve the desired results.

Experimentation and prototypes!

It was the experimentation and the use of small prototypes that enabled learning to build a pergola and a tank with a built-in irrigation system. Sustainability was also a dominant concern throughout the project, because it was important that the outcome was not a product but rather a space for experiences in everyday life.

Ease and low cost of maintenance were important requirements.

The motivation for progress, for meaning and purpose!

As we get small victories we renewed energy and passion for the project grew. After all it was a living sculpture under construction whose progress fed new experiences.

Small and large obstacles, even physical were transformed into opportunity to creativity and learning.

What this means to me!

It means that when there is a strong purpose and clear conscience of our capabilities we don’t wait for the future. We built it!


Tell me about the future!


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