When and how to get the tough answers

Our ability to find answers to questions often depends on the type of question that we do and almost always more than find answers we need to know how to ask questions.

“How do you ask the right questions?  It starts with a process I call “success visioning.”   This involves focusing on where you want to go (your target destination) and then picturing what it looks like when you get there.  Not if you get there, but when you get there.  Once you have a clear picture of what winning looks like for your organization, ask a series of future, active, past-tense questions that presume the target has already been achieved. – Holly G. Green

Whenever we encounter a problem we immediately raised a series of questions that can be the most correct or not to solve this little problem or part of a larger problem.

If our dream is to create something awesome, something that is greater than ourselves, it is not enough to have a huge passion for the work we have done. We must also have a vision and we know that a visionary has passion. Not being the same thing, passion and vision, walk always together.

It is the vision that drives us to create the future and based on that desired future is our imagination that brings us to the point of arrival, to the right questions and with sufficient opening to embrace alternatives but without losing the focus on vision.

We did not learn, getting advice, policies, or statements more or less elaborate. We can learn, looking for answers to questions always focused on where we want to go.

We did not learn when we ask questions to confirm our opinions, assumptions or convictions. We learn when we challenge the status quo, when asked while experience or what would be the result if…!

Make important questions means recognizing prejudices, to distinguish facts from opinions, consider relevant aspects, seek alternative points or ask to be criticized.

We did not learn when we ask questions and we induce the answers. We learned when we ask ourselves:

What are the questions that we need to do in order to have the right answers?

We learned when we asked how to innovate the business model. The business model innovation helps companies grow and there are questions that should be:

What we need to know about business model innovation?

“Our typical way of creating a future is by specifying the vision, the goals and then defining a blueprint to achieve it. This is called destination strategy for solving problems… this way of thinking does indeed work for many things, especially in the material world. It does not work well with human systems or when the desire is to create something out of nothing. In fact, it is this very mindset, one based on clear definition, prediction, and measurement, that prevents anything fundamental from changing.” – Peter Block

The power of analytical thinking gives us the ability to ask the right questions, while our natural attraction in design thinking by the assumptions or by the “what if …?”, often leaves no room for thinking about the meaning of the questions.

Ask interesting questions and surgical (with focus) to meet the needs of others, is done with the help of analysis and synthesis, the parties naturally complementary divergence and convergence and at the right moment.

Here are some good moments to ask questions:

When we seek through observation meet user needs to resolve problems of a particular subject, ask questions can help us to find the meaning of things and make them desirable.

When we co-create ask questions develops new ideas possibly richest than the first interesting ideas.

When we identify a problem, ask questions causes divergence and facilitate its definition to converge.

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