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Consumption is an important aspect in innovation but it is no longer the most important aspect.

In our days, we still see residues from industrial age with regard to consumption but everything indicates that the necessary transformation towards the purpose and the meaning is already happening.

We need to rethink what we mean by quality of life and innovate the styles that may exist within each context economically changed. The concept of value needs to be reviewed by adding meaning and relevance to the well-being and prosperity of the people.

For example, we cannot want the economy to evolve through job creation in personal safety because the robberies and assaults in the cities increased. We need economy to evolve, creating systems that facilitate the enrichment of territorial contexts in a sustainable way.

We all have an innovative, enterprising or artistic interior, but we lack almost always to believe that we are able to release this potential.

We have to rethink and innovate some of our basic social activities, such as health (longevity and care), education (distance and diversity), transport (mobility and globalization) and even our lifestyle, that is, we need an approach based on people and society and people-oriented.

Each context represents a new challenge and has within itself a potential of transformation of traditional economic value (markets) at personal, social or global level.

At a personal level, given the drive towards personal growth and transformation, economic value will increasingly be defined not in terms of consumption, but in terms of the delivery of transformation itself. Personal economic value will be less about the act of consuming and more about the act of transformation, as people search individually and collectively for things that help them to grow, experience and transform…

At a social level, the ability of ambient technologies to deliver more contextualized and distributed systems, based on and around users and dealing with issues like health, illness and care, will generate economic value.”

The release of our creative potential in an environment of diversity seems to be now easier when we face the meeting of cultures, beliefs and behaviors that emerge in the communities that develop throughout the world.

There is no longer only one truth that we can export to the unknown world and the number of clashes which the different persons, groups or communities are emerging, leverage critical thinking and make striking the old ideas giving rise to new ideas that focus on people, new solutions to relevant problems.

Today, there are many kinds of people, with different kinds of lives with varied forms.

The hidden needs of people begin to become more visible and non articulated needs begin to define shapes. This means that people create space to reflect and resize their world and are not only in relation with the immediate gratification that the consumer goods promise.

It means that the greater freedom to choose, is not just the great offer of products and services, and will also go towards greater awareness as the result of greater complexity and greater responsibility.

Also, organizations, or who drive them, have now more fields to reflect about competitiveness and sustainability.

The recognition of diversity and its framework in the concerns of their business activities leverage new possibilities and opportunities.

So, there is room for differentiation and to walk the path of well-being.

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2 Responses to Creativity- Transformation and economic value

  1. Very moved, intellectually and otherwise. Wonderful post.

  2. Steve says:

    I discovered your blog today and am really enjoying it.

    With respect to this article, I agree “that economic value will increasingly be defined not in terms of consumption”. However, rather than stating value will be created via “the delivery of transformation”, I’d argue that future value will be created by facilitating human-human, human-machine, and machine-machine interactions (ie communication). Of course, these interactions will result in transformation.

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