A very strong sense of sharing

Finished the ECCI XII at Faro, Portugal – a Conference that struck me above all because it succeeded with an extensive and diversified programs to keep the attractiveness and collaboration always at a high level.

Two reasons, I think, were fundamental to assure that sharing and welfare were a constant:

-A, the participants were, mostly, in addition to speakers or facilitators, they were attendees and they promote the discussion.

-The other, in many of the various activities, including presentations, there was a place to the game, music and other forms of expression of emotions.

For me, it was an experience that memory will surely confirm as a desire to repeat. The impact of the various activities that I experienced was in fact too large and I say mostly because activities had place to the debate and to “confrontation” with the various contexts there represented.

It was good to have verified this change in concept of Conference that culminated with a tribute to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, translated in a flow of emotions and openness where the audience had an extraordinary relief. Mihaly was the essence of “know-be” and he has sent it so not to forget.

During this event I had the opportunity to “work” with people from Japan, Slovenia, Greece, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Curaçao, Argentina, Brazil, India and many other countries, with different academic and professional background and different approaches on creativity and innovation.

And it is in the combination of different approaches we find the best results of the event. It was not an academic event and was not a “vanity” show. It were mainly moments to listen and to talk, but above all to try to understand where what the other said would fit in what I thought, or denied what I intended to say. There were moments of openness and sharing and it means that it was a journey from concepts to experimentation.

I had the opportunity to meet in real life people who are part of my social network and it encouraged the conversations on creativity and innovation and by that way I could see facilitated my task of integrating of the knowledge transmitted by these people. This was a high point in my presence in ECCI XII.

In this context, I must highlight, and will comment on this in the next article, Tim Kastelle with “Managing Networks to Improve Innovation” that brought me a lot of aspects to which I had not yet awakened.

Now I leave here a very special thanks to the entire organization by opportunity created for a real marathon of collaboration where the opening and sharing have been a constant.

Congratulations to everyone for having built this collaboration space!


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