Values that we do not measure but we feel

“The ability to think about what is not happening is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional cost.”

Imagine you have a garden colorful, if by chance you have not already, and place there white and grey stones of various sizes.

What you are doing is to praise the plants!

Or if the garden is simple try put colored stones of similar size and shape. This causes the abstraction.

But if your garden is of white roses add black and white stones.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Da Vinci

The mind of people likes to wander and often this state brings discomfort and makes us feel unhappy when we want something and we think it is not nor will be within our reach.

However our future can be the garden we want if we really can build it, and we can build a lot.

We may want products or services that are all as almost people want, that is, we want to be in conformity with the medium that surrounds us, or we may want something that differentiates us from others, something uniquely with what we think we are.

Only that in the latter case we normally acquired a signature and we use or enjoy the creation of another person.

We can create our garden or we can co-create what we want if our mentality is not just the easy consumption. We can participate in the satisfaction of our needs by giving more meaning to what we use and enjoy.

We can cooperate more in the construction of our lives and share what we are. We can sculpt our thoughts.

Talking about a sculptor: – “He does this because, for him, the sculpture is not just a reproduction of reality he is concerned with the attempt of capture of attributes, such as character and personality.

It gathers your information; it uses it to help shape the clay sculpture, which is the first step in the process. Later, he will make a plaster mold of the piece in his foundry place, which is in the basement, and then sends it to a foundry where it is transformed into a bronze sculpture. “

As creativity goes fueling innovation and the business world, the posture in the face of creation will evolve.

“What’s happening is that designers used to be those that made chairs, or those that made posters. Instead, right now they look at the way people live and they try to translate their observations into better products, better interfaces. Objects that are better, more flexible, more adaptable, and more elegant artifacts that we can surround ourselves with. Since people are changing everyday faster, and what’s happened in the past decade is the rate of change has become more rapid, what designers have to do is first and foremost be like anthropologists, or ethnographers. They have to observe how things happen and interpret them as fast as possible in a smart way.” – Paola Antonelli

Some creators use empathy to identify what are the needs of people, looking to propose effective solutions for resolving problems or even proposing services and experiences that meet our desires and dreams.

It is for us an important part in this process and that is, being able to honestly identify our reality and we are also able to collaborate in the construction of our happiness that is an intangible value.

When we give meaning to simple things, in our day to day, we participate in the creation of value.

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