O que eles pensam da cadeia de comando e do ambiente!

Por onde e para onde?

No blog BQF de Paul Sloan sugere-se uma ideia que não sendo inovadora pode tornar-se revolucionária:

Let Suggestions bypass the Line Manager

“Whatever suggestion scheme or idea initiation events you implement, it is important to ensure that there is a facility for individuals to bypass their line manager if necessary.

Line managers can be resistant to ideas from their own people for a variety of reasons. They might fear that the person making the suggestion might be taken away from them to implement it. They might think that the idea does not reflect well on their department. They might see some implicit criticism of themselves in the suggestion. They might have political agendas or prejudices that lead them to block ideas coming from their team. If all ideas require initial sign-off by the first line manager then the flow of ideas will be inhibited in some areas.”

jabaldaia says:

November 21, 2009 at 12:06 am

I think that who choose the bypass of the normal chain of command and when everyone knows the existence of such possibility have the guarantee of no bad brokerage upon their ideas.
By the other hand he or she may be shy and with a help from the chain they arrived to the top.
Nevertheless the first option is always better if we don`t want a killed idea or see our “child” with other parents.
I think that, In SME`s, we can find another problem if we work as a team. Recognition and responsibility will be not well distributed if we use the bypass.
I think it useful in that kind of organizations that some type of feedback would be allowed to the chain.
Jose Baldaia

Realce também para o artigo de Robert Brands em Blogging Innovation:


Inovação aberta!


Innovation and Idea Management

From Ideation to Collaboration to Execution

by Robert F. Brands

“Ideation is not a single event. It doesn’t originate from a single silo or one person or one department, although it can come from a single source. Ideation thrives in an open environment; think Wikipedia, the open-source, online repository of the world’s specialized knowledge. It is the result of a collaborative process that welcomes minds and teams from across any organization of any size.

How can you foster a fertile ideation environment?”


Jose Baldaia said…

Hi Robert!

What you propose it is a good picture of a well oiled machine. All the principal points are there, lot of ideas, good and bad, human resources needed, specification of their skills, alignment, attention to risk, etc.
But I would like to know what is your opinion about:
What spaces for inspiration, ideation and implementation?
How to select criteria for ideas evaluation?
What should be the structure of an idea (points that should be mentioned to elucidate)
Thank you What kind of recognition and rewards.

São duas pontas de reflexão que importa acentuar:

Como reagir à Inovação Aberta;

Como prevenir constragimentos na criatividade!


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