Rowan Gibson escreveu ontem em – Blogging Innovation– um artigo intitulado “When Innovation Goes Wrong” sobre um tema que convém voltar a falar.

A Inovação financeira é perigosa?

Quem são esses inovadores de “derivados” e outros?

Vale a pena ler o artigo de Gibson!! Deixo aqui o meu comentário ao artigo.

Jose Baldaia said…

Innovation never goes wrong!

Innovation must be looked for sides, users and innovators.
What are wrong are in fact the assumptions of promoters and clients!

If we believe that it there is no risk when we launch a new product or an innovative model for business we are saying that this “innovation” is already tested by other companies.

A few years ago here in Portugal the Insurance Company where I work, in the late 1980s, launched a financial product called PPR (….). My job at the time was trainee the commercial stuff in “How to deal with objections and how to identify
needs of the clients. The result of the work around that product and during several years, risk management and ethical sales, made the product life longer till our days.
By the other side some Insurance Companies (national and international) with similar products (derivates) don’t achieve their goals. They missed risk and they had non ethical performance.
It’s true “Learn now, earn tomorrow”.
The notion of risk is necessary for both sides: Companies and Customers.
I ask my self, when I see the adoption of some innovations if the promoters know the concept of contextualization. Some things are true in Europe but false for Africa.
As you say is fundamental the validation of critical presumptions of the project and they need to evaluate the impact of negative results in the company image
and at their business partners.

I believe that in Financial Innovation we don’t apply the principle “The whole is bigger than the sum of the parts”. If someone do it, “That’s magic”!

Depois recordei-me de umas leituras feitas há 20 anos atrás!

Como nadar no meio dos tubarões!

Como nadar no meio dos tubarões!

Harvey Mackay publicou em 1989 um livro:-“Como nadar no meio dos tubarões sem ser comido vivo”. Hoje  reli (alguns capítulos!).

É um pouco ciclico este modo de vida variando apenas na intensidade das vivências.

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