Wisdom on people born between 1946 and 1966

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Born in …

What will happen in our organizations, to retain the accumulated wisdom of the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1966, when they start to go into retirement?

It would be easy to read quickly all those years of experience, skills and knowledge capable of being understood by the younger generations, if they had been written in a simple and affordable way.

Even under these conditions, we would still have to wait for the outcome of struggles for succession in the kingdom of wisdom.

Something needs to be done to facilitate the transfer of experience and knowledge of a “wise” for a substitute less experienced.

Besides the short time available for this task to sit with the keeper of wisdom, adds to the complexity of the absorption, thanks to the ingenious way in which wisdom was built. The wise cannot explain how they came to wisdom.

However the need to transfer persists and or we continue the millennial process of transfer, mouth to mouth, or we find a continuous and systematic process for doing so.

What we found today, in speaking of change, is more about the wisdom that employees have and use and less about knowledge.

How a company does retain this wisdom in their possession?

-Through storytelling and storytellers. A good story holds the listener’s attention and then delivers its retention.

To retain the wisdom you must catch it and what we seek is:

-The complete collection of the fundamental rules which the holder of the wisdom accumulated over the years.

-A list as comprehensive as possible of their work tools.

-The map of contacts and relationships as well as shapes, that wise man used as counselor.

-The plan he devised and used to surround himself with talent and excellence.

-The full narrative of his experiences more meaningful and that served as an example to develop his wisdom.

-The description of the skills used, and how he applied them to face the challenges it was facing.

A tale where each chapter does justice to the most relevant aspects of his wisdom, and where we can understand the dynamics of growth which, over the years structured knowledge in a way to apply and capable of transfer.

“No one individual or any small group can hope to provide all necessary wise to a complex project.” D. Leonard / Walter Swap


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