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The Art of Impossibility  by Umair Haque

Here’s a thought to chew on while you’re considering your new year’s resolution: if it’s not laughably impossible, hopelessly impractical, preposterously insurmountable—stop. Start over. You’re not doing it right.

The Neuroscience Of Music by John Lehrer

Why does music make us feel? On the one hand, music is a purely abstract art form, devoid of language or explicit ideas. The stories it tells are all subtlety and subtext. And yet, even though music says little, it still manages to touch us deep, to tickle some universal nerves.

Innovation – A New Match Between Need and Solution by Ralph-Christian Ohr

While revisiting some collected innovation readings, I recognized that it might be important to briefly emphasize again one “fundamental”: the distinction between needs and solutions.


A Rationale for Pursuing Open Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

CoDev 2011 is coming up next week in Scottsdale, AZ. As part of the effort to build exciting for the event, for which 15Inno.com serves as a media sponsor, they hosted a webinar last week entitled “Expanding Open Innovation Networks to Solve Difficult Technology Roadblocks.”


Passion and Plasticity – The Neurobiology of Passion by John Hagel

What if you could evolve and shape your brain in ways that help you to get better faster? What if you could unleash a virtuous cycle that connects passion, practice and performance? 

9 Practices for Cultivating Creative Aliveness by Michelle James

The following practices are not necessarily in a linear order, and you might go back and forth between them. It’s not as much about a sequence as it is about engaging and responding in the moment: sometimes listening receptively; others times creating it out actively.

Laser Focused Products Are More Emotional by Jorge Barba

This post isn’t about Steve Jobs, it’s about emotion and how to create it with your product.


Meetings and Bosshole Behavior: A Classic Case By Bob Sutton

One of the themes in Good Boss, Bad Boss, as well as some of my past academic research (see this old chapter on meetings as status contests), is that bosses and other participants use meetings to establish and retain prestige and power.


Powerful And Affordable Real Time Data Mining, Visualization And Interactions Are Powering Up A New Culture Act – And Enabling “Infovation”. By Idris Mootee

Just landed in Rhode Island and spendin the next 2 days in Providence, long working sessions ahead, expect to some productive knowledge exchange. The topic will be around where arts meets science, design meets technology.


The Chemistry of Storytelling Marguerite Granat

Stories are what make us human. I can’t think of an aspect of our lives that is not affected by them. We begin our young lives with lots of storytelling. I have fond memories of stories that I heard as a child, and I’m sure you do too.

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