Tempo para criar e tempo para ler

Sempre às voltas com o tempo ainda há espaço para visitar alguns blogs.

A época é de oferta e de balanço e aqui ficam dois tópicos:

Innovation is Not Free by Paul Sloane – Blogging Innovation

 “The message is clear. The leader has to free time for innovation in order to empower people to come with great ideas and to explore them. Whether it is one day a week or one day a quarter, time for innovation is critical.”       

Jose Baldaia said…

It is true, innovation is not free. But we must see the time spended in ideation as an investment. Innovation brings business when we have a good direction. People who works in organizations have needs: responsibility for results, respect for ideas and recognition. I think rewards are necessary but they are not so important as time to liberate ideas and to think how much of me is part of the final outcome.
Normally an organizations say :”We have no time to think about time” what means “we have no time to think about people”, therefore they don’t think about them self’s, they don’t think!

Tem-se assistido a uma nova fase de reflexão sobre a utilização das redes sociais e outras ferramentas de socialização.

O Outono

Ficam algumas interrogações!

Are Books Really Critical Or Just On A Steep Decline?  – Stefan Lindegaard

“Harvard Business Review is a good example on this. I have read great articles that delivers a lot of substance over 10-15 pages. I have often been disappointed when I then read a book on the topic from the same authors as it was often too long and not to the point.”

Jose Baldaia

Hi Stefan!
A good book shapes my perception of the truth at least during some time and motivates me to learn more about the subject proposed in the book.
I know it is the single opinion of the author and I search for the contradictory to be aware from reality.
Posts in blogs allowed me to see many perspectives (different backgrounds) on the same subject and different opinions about the way we should read the authors.
Combine books and blogs is the best way to be critical, and we often do that, and it will be the same way with your next book.

É bom não ver passar o tempo sem uma pequena reflexão!


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