José António Baldaia
My first 20 and a few years of work were as an employed by Insurance Companies!


During this period I built a “career” while working and studying psychology at the University of Porto. This shared experience between work and study brought me a different way of seeing the world.


Constant observation of behaviors and difficulties approaches at all levels of hierarchy makes me easy today the understanding of the problems of organizations.


Some of the functions that I developped on those companies, allowed me to build a working model for contexts of diversity and interdisciplinary work.


I took up the post of Director of Organization, when I decided to become a consultant in organizational behavior.


Since 1992, my work has been developed mainly with small and medium-sized enterprises in deploying projects of training and evaluation, organizational behavior and human resources. More recently (two years) live a special passion for innovation.


Open innovation and Design thinking (Design Thinking) are two areas where I have done research, but this only makes sense if based on creativity, knowledge and behavior.


Here are some projects that I realized that I think would have better results if the approaches were open innovation and Design Thinking:


Skills of trainers of trainers


Skills assessment


Behavioral Management


Interdisciplinary teams in health


Organizational development – structures and culture. Organizational Behavior


Development and evaluation of Interdisciplinary Projects.


Creativity and innovation management


Some of the organizations with whom we have collaborated:

Tranquilidade Seguros

Inter-Atlântico – CSIA

Hospital Distrital de Faro

Sindicato dos Médicos, IPO, Escola Sup. Enfermagem, ARS

Fundacio Bosch Y Gimpera – Univ. de Barcelona



Vieira de Castro, etc.

Quadros e Metas, Psicoforma, Vedior, etc


Projectos ADAPT, Delfim, Equal


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